The Faith Experiment

For this past Shabbat, I created an activity for my children and we called it “The Faith Experiment.” They really enjoyed it and were able to talk about their own faith and realized they needed more of it, as many of us do. For starters, we discussed what Faith is based on the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 and we precepted that verse to the book of Romans and back to Torah. Many times throughout Scripture, YHWH tells his people to trust Him and to not be afraid. When we look at the word faith in the Hebrew language we get the word “EMUNAH.” This word has a very deep meaning which could also be looked at as to follow or trust. YHWH tells His people over and over to trust Him and when he sent His son our Messiah, He tells the people to follow Him and YHWH also tells the people to follow His son and listen to Him.

In the book of Hebrews chapter 11, we see a correlation between those mentioned who exempted perfect faith with YHWH. On Shabbat, we broke the word Emunah down to its Hebrew origin with the meanings of each character and we saw an image of our Messiah. We felt blessed by it. It gave us a deeper understanding of what Faith really is contrary to what we were “taught” faith was.

Here is the activity my littles ones completed on Shabbat, my four year old was able to participate as well and they really enjoyed it.

To download this activity, please click link below, Shalom


the faith experiment