The Ancient Israel History curriculum is PHENOMENAL!  It is so easy to navigate through and understand but at the same time, it’s detailed and very interactive.  You can tell that this is truly inspired by The Most High. Our entire family is learning and benefiting from this curriculum.  It is truly a blessing!!!Adiyah, Tennesse

What an amazing journey!!! I have truly been blessed by The Ancient Israel History Curriculum. From the idea to create a newspaper article to you be the judge. I am amazed at the creativity and the biblical accuracy. I literally feel as if I had taken a trip back in time! I used to be intimidated at the very thought of teaching my children on this level, but this has made it so easy for me and I am no longer fearful. I have never felt comfortable enough to teach my children until I discovered you and what The Most High has given to you to share with us. I love everything about it! May The Most High continue to bless you in all that you do in His name.Nakiyah, Israel

Saraiyah and the Milk N Honey Kids Corp. have developed an innovative, thought-provoking, and well-documented curriculum for the whole family to enjoy.  ‘Ancient Israel History’ is a three-part series that takes you on a journey through biblical history.  Each part is accompanied by activities, assignments, and wonderful PowerPoint presentations to keep your children/students engaged.  I am a mother of five (various ages) who desires something accessible, easily understood, and entertaining and I found it with ‘Ancient Israel History’ and the Milk N Honey Kids Corp. Thank you! –Yahle’ach, Israel

This is the best! The scriptures are on point and the activities encourage children to get very creative. It feels good to be able to teach my children our TRUE history while building their relationship with the Most High. I love it and definitely recommend it. –Kiara, Maryland