Ephod Craft

I pray you all had a great week and that your Shabbat was peaceful no matter where you are in the world. Today’s post is another Shabbat Fun post. As I am reading the scriptures and studying, I often seek understanding and wisdom to be able to teach whatever I am reading to my children. One thing I know about children, especially the younger ones, is they learn by doing and repetition. My children just finished reading through the book of Exodus and in order for them to retain what they learned, I often try to come up with ideas to give them a better understanding of what they read.

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, and I am going to share it with you, in hopes your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did. I did make some changes to the original idea…..

For their Shabbat lesson for today, they made an ephod. We revisited Exodus 28:17-21, which goes through the priestly garments and the ephod that the Levite priest wore. For precepts, we read Genesis 37:3 and Revelations 21:1-8, 18-21 (Make sure to explain the connection of the stones with Joseph’s coat and the Kingdom of New Jerusalem).

Materials: cardboard (I used cereal boxes), plain white paper (I used construction), glue (tacky or stick), yarn (I used black), a ruler, a hole puncher gold paint, and gold fabric paint


NOTE: The measurements of where to place your lines will depend on the size of your cardboard. We used 12 oz cereal boxes.


  1. Cut the box so all you have left is the cover and the back of the box, discard the tabs.
  2. unnamedTake the construction paper and wrap the cardboard to cover the cereal box.
  3. Take your scissors and cut off any excess paper, glue the cardboard to the paper.
  4. Next, take your ruler and measure your lines every 3 inches going down (side of your paper), across the top measure 2 in a half and 5 in a half (see picture below).

IMG_46305. Next, take a sharpie marker and trace over the lines you measured with your pencil. This will help you see the lines after you paint the paper.  (See image above)

6. Finally paint the entire sheet with the gold paint, leaving a little white as possible and then take your fabric paint and trace over those same lines you made with the sharpie marker, let it dry. (See image above).


As your little ones are placing the stones have them read (or you read) them and glue them down as your going through each one Exodus 23:17-20.

OPTION: You can purchase a set of gems if you like. I personally researched each stone to place them on the ephod according to scripture. There is some confusion about EXACTLY which stone is which due to the many language translations from the original Hebrew language. I am not an expert in stones so I did the best I could. You are more than welcome to use the stones I found for my children, or you can research and choose your own stones.

If you are interested in using the stones we used, you can download them here… Ephod Stones

Once you have placed the stones onto the ephod, take a hole puncher and put two holes on the top and tie some yarn through the holes so the child can wear them as a breastplate.

Finished Levite Priest Ephod

I pray you find this acitivity fun and fullfilling. I would love to see your little ones with their ehpod’s. If you would like to share please email your photos to me at milknhoneykids@gmail.com, I will share them in our “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT” tab. I want you to be aware you have the option to either show or not show your children’s faces. That is completely up to you.

Many Blessings to you and your family! Shalom