Shalom and Good Evening to you all,

We pray your Shabbat was peaceful and that your day was blessed. This is just a quick update in case you all were wondering where we have been. For about 5 months now we have been building a new website, one that is more convenient for all we have to offer. Our products are currently being sold on Teachers Pay Teachers and there are some overhead charges that you all are unaware of. We decided to move everything to a place where we have more control over pricing (which is better for you all) and no overhead fees. We are thankful to YHWH for allowing us to use that website to help us get started, but it is now time to move on. Back in October, I informed you all we would not be adding new items to that shop, but what we currently have in store will remain. Once the new website goes live we will keep our Teachers Pay Teachers store open for a little and then we will shut it down. It will not be needed anymore. All of our products will be moved to the new store, which will be ran on the new website. On top of that, we have tons of new items we cannot wait to show you all. We have new curriculums which we have been tirelessly building (my favorite thing to do).

I don’t want to keep you all, just wanted to give you a heads up on what is going on with us. We pray you stay with us and continue to enjoy what YHWH gives us to produce for you all.

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