Book Report FREEBIE!

Shalom everyone

I know it has been a while since our last post, but we have been very busy creating an abundance of resources for you and your children to make teaching easier or less of a hassle. Today’s post comes to you as a freebie (yay)!

I took the children to the library today and I only intended staying for about an hour, needless to say, we stayed for two in a half hours, but it was educational and fun. In science, they are studying the human body and it just so happens that the computers set up in the children’s room had an entire lesson on all the body parts and fun facts, so my three older ones spent most of their time on the computers. My youngest spent most of her time with me (although she did explore the computers for a little while). We read books and completed book reports as well.

Last night I created a book report worksheet for my Kindergartner to complete while we were at the library. It’s a very simple design, not recommended for higher than 1st grade.


To get this freebie, CLICK HERE!

Shalom Shalom enjoy

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