Morning Board

Shalom family,

Today I’m sharing with you an activity I do with my Kindergartner every morning. We also completed this activity last year and it helped her a lot. Last year, I was looking for a “circle time” activity to do with my (at the time) preschooler. When my older children were in public school, I would see these cute little “circle time” activities in the classrooms. The children would come together in the morning and sing songs, go over the days of the week, weather/seasons, counting and various activities.

I went out searching for the supplies and I found them to be quite expensive. I decided to create this “circle time” activity myself. I went to WalMart and purchased a trifold poster board. On Amazon, I found this really cute calendar set and some magnetic tape and made her a “Morning Board.”

Most families are under the impression that homeschooling is expensive, but truthfully it’s only expensive if you make it so. I try and create most of the material I have in our classroom, which saves us financially and allows me to personalize things for my children. I pray this post helps you and gives you some ideas of things you can do in your home that is not costly and it still looks nice.

Here is a picture of my daughter’s Morning Board using the materials listed above.


She had a letter, shape, number, and occupation for the week. We sang songs and danced to teach her the months and days of the week (I’ll share those songs below). She learned them and was reciting them independently in a month (I thought it take longer). The good thing about the trifold is it folds and you can store it away. The magnetic tape allows you to easily remove and adjust any way you want. It is also great for little fingers and helps with fine motor skills (if you allow the child to move the pieces around). With every new letter, number and etc, we always reviewed the previous week so she would not forget.

Disclaimer: The calendar sets DO NOT come laminated. I highly recommend you laminate your set for longevity and durability, otherwise, the magnetic tape will rip your calendar (it’s just paper). When I have large projects that need laminating, I go to a store called Lakeshore Learning, it’s really cheap. Find out in your area where you can go. I’ve heard stores such as Staples and Office Depot laminate as well. Lakeshore charges 29 cents per linear foot. I have never spent more than $3.00 for lamination at Lakeshore, depending on how much I needed laminated. 

If you plan on creating a “Morning Board” for your little one. I have created all you will need for this project. You will have to purchase a calendar, but everything else I have created for you. Our Morning Board Bundle contains alphabet, counting (1-10), shapes, colors, days of the week and seasons flashcards.

To purchase this set please visit our store by clicking here.


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