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Most of you know that my husband and I homeschool our children. School starts for us on Monday and things have been slightly hectic at our house preparing. I usually spend the entire month of August preparing lessons and curriculum for the year. This year will be a little different compared to our previous homeschool years. For starters, we have a NEW kindergartener, our youngest child will be starting kindergarten this year and my oldest child will be a 7th grader WHEW! Pray for me family (lol). However, I am confident I CAN DO THIS! In between, we have a brand new 5th and 2nd grader, easy peasy.

The question I get asked the most is how do I homeschool so many different grades. The trick I learned (through trial and error) is to combine as many subjects as I can. For example, science and social studies, these subjects do not have to be grade specific. Language arts is another subject that can be combined, last year I taught them poetry, this year we are going to pick up where we left off. My kindergartener obviously cannot do the same things the older ones are doing, except for art and music, but here you have it, that’s my secret, don’t tell anybody shhhh (lol). You have to be creative and the wonderful thing about homeschooling is its flexibility. Do what works for your home. You do not have to do things by the book. With that being said, allow me to introduce our Hebrew Learning Board.

Last year, I made a number board for my pre-kindergartner. Every week she learned a new number. I took that same idea and created a Hebrew board to teach her and the other children. My older children started to learn Hebrew last year, so this will be more of a refresher for them, but I added some new materials. The Hebrew board contains the days of the week, seasons, aleph-bet, numbers, and more. Every week they’ll get a new aleph-bet, number and etc. the days of the week will change every day and the seasons will change every season.

The board was created using posterbaord. Decorate any way you like, I used duck tape around edges of the board. To make the board sturdy I used a hot glue gun and glued a foam board to the back of the poster board.


Figure 1 contains the aleph-bet flashcard with the meaning flashcard and sofit letter

Figure 2 containts the aleph-bet flashcard with the meaning flashcard

To purchase the bundle CLICK HERE!


2 thoughts on “Hebrew Learning Board

  1. Shalom and all of The Most High’s blessings to you and your family. I am just about ready to give up on homeschooling. I’m a single mother of 4. Please help with tips. I’m all over the place. Thank you.


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