Shalom family!

Today we have something amazing being released to you all. Schools will be starting next week for some and for others depending on where you live school has already begun. Last year I test drove a curriculum I wrote that was given to me by The Most High with my children. I also sent it to some families as an early release to review for me, and the reviews were excellent.

We call this curriculum Ancient Israel History. The curriculum is a three part curriculum with teachers guides, power point presentations, and worksheets for each assignment. Every week your child will be engaging in a different activity to learn their history. We start with the birth of Abram and end with the fall of the Kings. Take your child on a journey with the Israelites through time to witness their history through actual biblical events. Your child will write historical letters, make posters, journal entries, make mini movies/biographies, and create comic strips plus much much more.

Ancient Israel History does not have to be presented during school hours, but the lessons could also continue on Shabbat making it a Sabbath activity for your household.

This curriculum will be FREE for the next 24 hours here on our website, after that it can be found in our store on TpT. We thank you all for your support.


Click the link below to download (ENDED AT 5 PM ON MONDAY AUGUST 28, please check store for purchase)

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 8.32.17 PMAncient Israel History

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