Multiplication and Division

Many children (and adults) struggle with multiplication and division facts. I remember when I was in grade school and my teacher introduced multiplication to me, I was confused. I did not catch on right away;  in fact, I struggled, and it was incredibly embarrassing. Most of my peers seemed to know their facts, but it did not come as quickly to me. Once we started dividing, it was a wrap! I was ready to quit. As I aged through school, I learned a few tactics to help me get by. Once I got it, it was there to stay.

To help my children, I created some multiplication and division flash cards, so they wouldn’t struggle as I did. These flash cards are now available for your children to help jump start their school year. These flashcards are not like your average flashcards that you purchase from a store.  These cards can be placed in your child’s binder for safe keeping. All you have to do is print, laminate, and add a key ring through the holes!

The cards come in black/ white and color. I provided the black and white to give the child the option of personalizing them by coloring in the numbers, if they so choose.

To grab these amazing cards CLICK HERE!

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