Counting to 100 in Hebrew

Shalom to you all, it has been a while since we released our last set of flashcards.  Today, we are bringing you a new set of flashcards for your little ones. The last set we released, we counted to 10.  This new set of cards allows you to count to 100.  Using finger and base ten models. Once you get to the number 20, we count by 10’s up to 100.

It must be noted that you must know the aleph bet pronunciations. Knowing the pronunciation’s of each letter helps you pronounce words in Hebrew correctly.  If you are looking for flashcards containing the aleph-bet, please visit our store for purchase by Clicking here.

The items we create are geared toward children, although you are more than welcome to grab them for yourself. If not, I have a sister who has an Etsy shop and her flash cards are more “adult” friendly. Click Here to visit her shop.

We pray you enjoy, Love you all!

fullsizeoutput_260 fullsizeoutput_262




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