Count to 10 with me!

When teaching my children how to count, it helped to have manipulatives laying close by. It was easy for them to see the amount and count it out. When they began learning how to count using their fingers, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. They were confused at times, unsure of which fingers to put up and keep down. I began modeling it for them and it helped a great deal.

Now it’s your turn, without all the trial and error! We’ve created a set of flashcards counting from one to ten using hands as models on each card. The child can see the position of each finger as they count up to ten. Being able to learn to count on their fingers early prepares them for adding and subtracting later using their fingers. In addition, it aides in fine motor skills.

To download this set of finger counting flashcards, please visit our store.

Thank you and Shalom

NOTE: please print on cardstock paper and laminate for longevity and durability. 


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