ABC with me!

Summer break has finally begun for many. What are your plans? If any for your little ones. Throughout the school year, I worked with my four-year-old on her alphabet. Her lessons included not only learning the letters, but also recognizing them when she sees them (locating a particular letter within a text). We did many activities, which I can make available to for you all if you would like. This summer we are going to work on the sounds of each letter to prepare her for reading. She will be entering into Kindergarten in the Fall, and I want to give her a jumpstart, so she is not completely thrown off by what I have planned for her for the next school year.
Today we are bringing to you the English alphabet flashcards for our little learners, whether they will be entering school age this upcoming school year or not, these cards will be beneficial. The flashcards are fun going from A to Z with the some of Yah’s creations, the animals. Visit our store to grab the alphabet flashcards for your child or children.


NOTE: Please print these using cardstock paper and laminate for longevity and durability. Also, If you would like, you can add magnets to the back and place them on your fridge, easy access for those little hands. 


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