Let’s Learn Hebrew


IMG_4933My husband and I have been teaching our little ones the Hebrew language. The best way I have found to teach it is by taking baby steps. We start small and then increase over time. To make this process easier, I have created some aleph-bet colors and meanings flashcards. My husband and I are in the process of creating some very useful resources for our family and yours to help you along if you are interested.

So far we’ve released the Hebrew vowels flipbook, and today we are releasing some of the flashcards. Once everything is complete, there is another project we are working on and no worries I will make everything available for you as well. What Yah gives to me, I hand down to you all. When He blesses me, I bless you. We pray you find everything provided resourceful. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email us or leave us a comment.

Everything we release will be made free for a limited time. To get the flashcards, please visit our store HERE!

NOTE: This is a digital document (download), please print on cardstock paper and laminate for durability.


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