Hebrew Vowels Flipbook

Shalom to you all,

Today, we are bringing you something special. My husband and I have been studying Hebrew for 2 years and we are in the process of teaching our children. I include their Hebrew lessons in our homeschool once a week. So far, they have completed the aleph-bet and vowels. They know each letter, its sound, meaning, and pictorial image. For the past month or so we have gone over Hebrew vowels and their sounds. I also completed a unit test for them take which included the aleph-bet and vowels. To prepare them for the unit test, I created this flipbook to help them with their studies.

If you are unsure as to what a flipbook is, let me explain.  A flipbook can be used for many different things. In this case, we used it for studying the Hebrew vowel points. Each page is longer than the page before it, so it gradually descends. It’s a great study tool, and it helped my children by making it easier for them to study as opposed to looking at their own notes which most of the time they don’t understand what they’ve written (Lol). They check the flipbooks for whichever vowel they are studying and each vowel point is categorized, which also makes it easier to comprehend which vowel belongs to what group. I have broken the vowel points down into A, E, I, O, and U-type based on the sound they produce when used.

Please note the Sh’va (Sheva) vowel stands alone, although you will find it attached to one of the “types”. It didn’t make sense to leave it alone because we are dealing with children who can’t keep up with pencils, which they use every day (another lol moment).

I will not keep you any longer, If you are interested in grabbing one for your children/students please head on over to our shop at Teachers Pay Teachers. In case you missed our recent update about freebies and making purchases, this item will be free for the first 48 hours.

Materials Needed:


  • scissors
  • crayons (whichever coloring tool you desire)
  • glue or stapler


Color and cut out each one, the title page is the shortest page. Make sure to keep them together, but if your child/ren or students just so happen to mix them up, don’t worry because I got you! each type has their own border, so if they get them mixed up, match the borders and you’re back in business. Once the cutting and coloring is complete stack them together shortest to tallest and either glue or stapler, my little ones decided to staple them, which might be a better idea (wink wink). When you are done, you should have 5 flipbooks ready to be used.


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