Little Toddlers/Eary Childhood

Hello everyone, As we head into the Shabbat I wanted to share another FREEBIE with you, but this one is specifically for toddlers and those who are just entering school age. I have a four old, and she loves Ice Cream. The idea came to me, to create something for her that involves one her favorite things. What child doesn’t like ice cream? (there may be some, but I’ve never met any, LOL).


Today’s post comes to you by yours truly, my favorite little four year old. It involves using skills necessary for problem-solving, hand and eye coordination, paying attention to details, colors, counting, and memory.


Let’s Build an Ice Cream: This activity comes with 3 task cards and pages filled with different ice cream pieces (cones, scoops, and toppings) and a bonus coloring page. The child has to build the ice cream to match the one on the task card. Each task card contains three different ice creams. Download and print. I HIGHLY recommend laminating these for durability and longevity. For storage, I used a file folder for the task cards and a sandwich size Ziploc bag for the ice cream pieces. I stapled the bag to the folder (see image). I glued the coloring page to the other side of the folder. I pray your little one enjoys this activity, I know my little one did!



Left: Building off the task card  Right: Building on the task car


Click link below for download

Build an Ice Cream


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