I pray you all are having a blessed week. My children are learning fractions, and they were having a bit of trouble understanding the different parts of a whole and equivalent fractions. To make it easier for them to understand, I created a chart for them which gives them the opportunity to make markings accordingly. I laminated the charts so they can use dry erase markers to mark the fraction and use these over and over again; not to mention, it saves us money on paper.

You have the option of printing and coloring them in (they are black and white) or let your little one color them in as you teach them. I shaded the fraction parts for my children and applied them to a piece of construction paper (a little fun) and laminated them. (see preview image below)




My little ones were working on equivalent fractions and sometimes they are unsure, so we pulled out the fractions charts I created for them and they added lines where they needed to get the fraction parts desired to see which fractions were equivalent to one another.


Example: They were asked what is the equivalent fraction of 3/4?  They were given 8 as a denominator and had to figure out the numerator. They used the charts and found the circle that came closest to 3/4 (which would have been 1/4 on the chart). They shaded in two more spaces on the circle to get 3/4 (one part of the circle was already shaded). Then finding the circle that represented 1/8 (because 8 was the given denominator) they added lines and shaded in the appropriate parts until the two shapes had equal parts filled. 3/4 is equal to 6/8.

I can’t explain their excitement once the “light bulb” clicked on in their heads. The chart helped them to see how easy this assignment could be. Sometimes, children need visuals. All praises to The Most High for placing this on my heart to create. I hope you find it just as useful for your children as I did.

To get your Fractions: Parts of a whole chart, please click link below to download

Fractions Parts of a Whole

Peace and Blessings!

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