The Illustrated Reference Bible/Review

Last year my husband and I saw a book on Pinterest that really caught our attention. The only problem we faced was the book hadn’t been released yet. So we waited, and as soon as it was available, we quickly purchased it. Who doesn’t enjoy making purchases for their children? Especially when it is something they can benefit from spiritually and mentally.

My husband and I would sit down on Shabbat and go through Torah; along with other parts of the Bible, with our children. Children need something they can see (visuals). Going through scripture was not always fun for them, especially our 4-year old (3 at the time). I would always try to find interesting ways to make it enjoyable for them. This book helped a great deal.


The Illustrated Reference Bible has given our children an entirely new perspective on reading the scriptures. This Bible is filled with historically accurate images along with interactive pages. As we go through scripture with them, they can look at the many different pictures and read along.

There are 7 color-coded sections to help them remember certain stories, such as The Foundation, The Chronicles of Israel, and Words of Wisdom and Worship. 51 illustrated pages with comic strips that briefly describe a particular event, and it includes page number references.

As we went through this Bible, we discovered some amazing things, such as a breakdown of the good and evil Kings all throughout both kingdoms after the split. Our children, during our homeschool study always grab their bibles and are so excited to see what journey we are going to take for the day. They love opening and reading the scriptures now more than ever. We no longer have to tell them to pick up their books and read, they do this on their own. My husband and I love hearing what they have learned or their understanding of a particular chapter.

I say all of this to say, If you are looking for a Bible for your little one that they can enjoy, this is the one.  I also love looking through this book as well. I am a visual learner, and at times if I am stuck on something I will grab The Illustrated Reference Bible, and I am ready to go.

If you would like more information on the company or the Bible, please visit their website at 



If you are interested in purchasing it can be found My Bible Story,  Amazon and


NOTE: I am not a distributor of Seventh Trumpet Media or their affiliates (if it applies), nor am I  affiliated with the company in any sort. I was not paid to write this review nor was I asked. These are the opinions of my husband and my household, and we thought to share them with our readers to help families and their little ones. Images used in this post above are my own images taken with a camera we own and edited with a picture editing app we purchased, this excludes the cover image (found on google).

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